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The largest and most exciting natural cave to explore in YangShuo, 3km from Moon Hill, in Longmen village. If you miss this cave, you will miss the best part of Yangshuo. IMPORTANT! There are many FAKE “water cave”. Just remember, to get through the REAL water Cave`s entrance, you will use one of our boats.Climbing,swimming and nearly touching fish, it`s a true adventure The cave is 8km long,100m high and hours can be spent exploring the many inner caves. Passing through 8 rocky green peaks, the inside resembles a fairyland, breath-taking and beautiful. Refresh yourself in the 100m high waterfall which pours from the cave ceiling. Make your own soundtrack by knocking the piano and observe your audience of stalegmites and stalactites.Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.Splash laugh and enjoy the blue water of the crystal dragon pool. Slide down the narural muddy clay and into the bath of mud.


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